The scene: hospital interior; our 7yo is out of surgery and recovering post-anaesthetic.
Dad: (to 7yo:) Look, isn’t mummy beautiful?
7yo: Nope!

Mummy lowers book. Looks up at 7yo.

Dad: Uhh… err… D-
7yo: She’s wearing a Cats jumper.
Dad: Oh.


At work, I was feeling more and more sick, so I’m heading home from work early to avoid contaminating the office.

Train at Flinder’s St is spontaneously rerouted from a city loop to a Richmond direct express to Box Hill service so I jump on just before it leaves. Train takes off and a lady starts freaking out.

She and her 4yo(?) son heard the announcement late and have tried to exit, but the doors closed between him getting off and her doing the same. So he’s standing on the platform crying as she jogs down the length of the carriage trying to get help.

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Ag Ullmhú Do Úll

For the past few years, Úll’s reputation has been rising as a thoroughly thought through, brilliantly balanced, carefully constructed conference for creatives interested in technology.

Moreover, it’s held in a spectacular venue in a country we’ve wanted to visit for the longest time, not far from friends we deeply love.

So we’ve decided to take the plunge and travel halfway around the globe to join a long list of luminaries in Killarney, before spending some quality time in a quality country.

Suggestions for places to visit and things to see will be warmly welcomed.

MacOS Sierra and Invisible Remote Control

Oftentimes, I find myself needing to remotely control my MacOS/OSX computer over a network.

The built-in tools that come with Sierra (Screen Sharing, Back-To-My-Mac) do a great job of simplifying what could be a horrendously complex setup process, but they have one key limitation…  Anyone with physical access to your remote computer can watch you  mousing around doing stuff.  Worse still – by unlocking your computer remotely, you’ve given your remote observer full access to your computer – they can disconnect you and have at your stuff. Continue reading MacOS Sierra and Invisible Remote Control


Godparents are something of an anachronism nowadays.

I think that asking someone you trust to watch out for your kid is invaluable.  There will come a time when Steph & I are anathema to our children, and when having another set of thoughtful, loving Christians praying for them and giving them wise counsel just seems like a no brainer.

So we thank God for the six saintly souls who look out for our girls – for the way the actively seek things to pray for them, and for their working hard to be part of their lives.

Great Things From 2009

After digging around on the computer to find out why my SSD was running out of space, I stumbled across my old iWeb projects.

Goodness me, Apple has released some top-notch software in the past.  If you haven’t played with it, the seven-year-old iWeb application is still the best web page maker in existence, and thanks to its ability to publish via open standards (like FTP), you can re-publish old, orphaned MobileMe sites, like our world-famous World Tour Of The U.S.A.

Kudos, former Apple UX designers and coders, for making brilliant software, and for enabling a walk down memory lane.