Reflecting on QandA

Acts 7:57-58:

57 But the studio audience and the panel cried out with a loud voice and stopped their ears and rushed together at him.
58 Then they cast him before a national audience and verbally stoned him. And the witnesses laid down their garments at the feet of a young woman named Catherine.

What a remarkable hour of television last night on the ABC’s Q&A program!

Under direct, hostilely-framed questioning from every audience-member, with vituperative, personal attacks from panelists interrupting his answers, Peter Jensen stood out as the most rational, caring, gracious participant the program has seen.

Maybe it was the way he thanked every questioner regardless of their tone. Perhaps his humility in gently correcting the linguistic premise of one of Jones’s snide one-liners.

Or it could have just been the stark contrast between his calm, rational, constructive attempts at response, and Deveney’s repeated, obnoxious content-free interruptions and ad hominem.

The difference in world-views was clear-cut.

Come to think of it, Deveney may have just provided the best pre-evangelistic message possible.

One thought on “Reflecting on QandA

  1. Nel and I watched it. It was hostile and one sided panel. The bird on Peters right semed like she had grown up in the gutter. We thaught Peter was very dignified in his answers. Difficult topics than need talking about but that sort of Q & A ambush will just add to the divisionon the difficult topics.

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