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Kids are cute, kids are beaut.


Godparents are something of an anachronism nowadays.

I think that asking someone you trust to watch out for your kid is invaluable.  There will come a time when Steph & I are anathema to our children, and when having another set of thoughtful, loving Christians praying for them and giving them wise counsel just seems like a no brainer.

So we thank God for the six saintly souls who look out for our girls – for the way the actively seek things to pray for them, and for their working hard to be part of their lives.

Vale, ..


Unlike earlier, before we knew you were you were no more.

Before the last battle you were carried through the stable door
by the lion, whose roar
brought forth
the world, who separated south from north.

And whose deeds at the stone table are worth
trusting – even as the donkey brays
that he cut short our little ones’ days.

But we know his word says
that we’ll meet again even if our ways
in this world are four score


Vale, .

We know the one who beat death chose to let you face it before we could face you.

And that after we see death, we’ll get to hold you as we bask in the glory of our saviour’s face.

Theological Liberalism

Me: “If you eat your pizza you can have some icecream.”
3yo: “No! Icecream first, then pizza!”
Me: “No, the rule is -”
3yo: “No! I don’t want it.”
Me: “Look, who’s the boss in our house?”
3yo: “Jesus.”
Me: “You’re right, but to whom does Jesus delegate his -”
3yo: “No! Jesus says in the bible it’s icecream first!”
Me: “… um … ah. You show me where he says it in this bible and we’re good.”
3yo (pawing through her Big Picture Bible): “Here. It says here icecream first then pizza.”
Me: “… errr … hmmmm …”

What would you say?