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Vale, ..


Unlike earlier, before we knew you were you were no more.

Before the last battle you were carried through the stable door
by the lion, whose roar
brought forth
the world, who separated south from north.

And whose deeds at the stone table are worth
trusting – even as the donkey brays
that he cut short our little ones’ days.

But we know his word says
that we’ll meet again even if our ways
in this world are four score


Vale, .

We know the one who beat death chose to let you face it before we could face you.

And that after we see death, we’ll get to hold you as we bask in the glory of our saviour’s face.

Tin Man

They say the appropriate gift is tin.

Perhaps “they” here are New Zealanders who struggle wuth theer vowels end hev muxed up theer “e”s with their “i”s.

Maybe “they” figured that after so many years rusted onto each other, it was only appropriate to share a corrosion-safe metal.

Or perhaps “they” decided to give a poor, mortgage-laden chap a break and let him go cheap on the gifts this year.

They say the appropriate gift is tin.

But I say, after walking the yellow brick road with me for this past decade, the best gift I can give you is velvet-wrapped and sawdust-filled. And being renewed every day by our saviour & God.

Thank you, Stephanie Louise, for your great, great love all these years. You are the source of most of God’s earthly blessings for me. I still thank him daily for you, and pray I keep living up to the promises I made ten years ago today.