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The scene: hospital interior; our 7yo is out of surgery and recovering post-anaesthetic.
Dad: (to 7yo:) Look, isn’t mummy beautiful?
7yo: Nope!

Mummy lowers book. Looks up at 7yo.

Dad: Uhh… err… D-
7yo: She’s wearing a Cats jumper.
Dad: Oh.


Godparents are something of an anachronism nowadays.

I think that asking someone you trust to watch out for your kid is invaluable.  There will come a time when Steph & I are anathema to our children, and when having another set of thoughtful, loving Christians praying for them and giving them wise counsel just seems like a no brainer.

So we thank God for the six saintly souls who look out for our girls – for the way the actively seek things to pray for them, and for their working hard to be part of their lives.


It was twelve years ago to the minute.

I worked as a graduate on the control systems for Australia’s DVN – digital video network – for your classic Aussie, battle-hardened technical boss. He’d personally designed or built much of Australia’s media infrastructure to that point.

I recall walking into scene of open mourning in our office in Melbourne’s CBD.

Half the floor were IT consultants from the USA – huddled around PCs refreshing and manically. Searching for news of friends, family, anything.

Most of us locals had been up all night too, transfixed by the images you’ve all seen and that don’t need repeating.

We had nothing we could say to help out these grieving souls from across the Pacific.

I remember overhearing their local Project Manager tell them they could go home for the day if they needed to – an empty gesture as (like most consultants) they were all living out of hotel rooms. Even more, they needed each other’s company & support to cope with what they were witnessing.

So they almost all stayed. Standing around in group-shock. Staring, slack eyed, at little CRT & LCD PC monitors.

Into this muddle of semi-catatonic disorganisation strode my boss.

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Election Predictions

Here are my big, bold predictions about the outcome of the Aussie election in a fortnight…

1. The LNP will take the lower house.

2. Labor & the Greens will hold the upper house until mid-2017.

Showing My Working:

1. It appears a foregone conclusion that the LNP will take the lower house outright.

The latest Nielsen results point to at least a national 3% swing against the ALP, coinciding with a shift of at least ten seats from the ALP to the LNP Coalition.

2. The Senate, by design, lags behind voting, with half being replaced every three years on Jul 1, so there will be enough of a rump of Labor & Green senators to hold power until 2017.

The Senate has 76 seats, currently filled with 31 Labor & 9 Green senators, staring across the aisle at 33 LNP & two “rightist” smaller party reps, along with one unpredictable indie.

Antony Green’s Awesome Senate Results Calculator allow us to apply the Nielsen poll results across the country state by state, which show that there is a small chance two seats will flip – in Tassie & WA – from Labor to LNP. In this case, “lefties” will hold 38 of the senate’s 76 seats (29 Labor & 9 Greens) plus that independent. The best hope Abbot has of governing outright without compromise is to pick off a weak Labor senator, or pull preference deals in key states to try to steal votes away from the Greens.

Update: clarified & added link to senate rules.