Bible versions as Star Wars characters

Say you’re trying to explain the differences between English language translations of the bible to a nerd.

Where do you start…?

NASB – C3PO. Very technical and rigid, but mostly right on.

ESV – Yoda. Not wordy, but backwards worded at times. It’s mostly right, but almost impossible to quote quickly.

The Message – Jar Jar Binks. Kinda out there. You know what it’s saying, but you wouldn’t rely on it for anything serious.

KJV – Obi Wan Kenobi. An old fossil, but for some reason still gets the job done for die-hard traditionals.

NIV – Han Solo. Simple to understand. Good when you need something quick but effective. Some have major issues with it though.

Hebrew/Greek – R2D2/Chewbacca. Can’t understand either without an education or translator.

NKJV – Princess Leah. Diplomatic sounding, yet understandable to most. It appeases those looking for that traditional tone, but it’s also modern enough to fly a space ship and fire a blaster.

TNIV – R5-D4. That’s the droid who blows up before R2D2 gets purchased in Star Wars 4. The TNIV got discontinued and was replaced by the NIV11.

HCSB (Holman) – Qui Gon Jinn. It’s a very good translation, and most know it is very good, but for some reason it’s not super popular and is kinda mysterious.

[ edit: added from a friend… ]
RSV – Anakin. While originally promised much good, was eventually turned and used as a source of power by the dark side. Everyone hopes he comes good again.

[ edit#2: suggestion from our bible study group… ]
GNT (Good News) – Luke Skywalker. Not especially intellectual, but stays true to its calling and has its heart in the right place – may be responsible for more saved lives than any other..?

Any other ideas?

Initial set cleaned up from this thread via Jodie McNeil with additional input from John Dekker and the best Connect Group at Donvale Presbyterian Church.

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